League Fixtures

Nottingham Dates

Sunday 12th March - Season Opener
Sunday 26th March
Sunday 23rd April
Sunday 21st May - National Qualifier
Sunday 23rd July
Sunday 15th October - Winter Series - Round One
Sunday 29th October - Winter Series - Round Two
Sunday 12th November - Winter Series - Round Three

Pennine Dates

Sunday 19th March
Sunday 9th April - National Qualifier
Sunday 14th May - National Qualifier
Sunday 25th June
Saturday 12th August - Soap Box Race
Sunday 13th August
Sunday 17th September
Sunday 8th October

Melton Dates

Sunday 2nd April
Sunday 7th May - National Qualifier
Sunday 2nd July
Sunday 30th July
Sunday 1st October

National Qualifying Points

The points for the East Midlands League National Qualifying will be shown here after the first round.